Our Story

A Journey of Faith and Community

Conceived by the Spirit of God, born with the love of God’s people at Regency Park Baptist Church of Moore, Oklahoma, Southpark Baptist Church held its first service April 15, 1979. Ten acres of land located at 2900 SW 119th and May Avenue was purchased with contributions from the Union Baptist Association and the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma.

Regency Park Baptist Church asked Leon Wilson to serve as interim mission pastor. A 32′ x 60′ metal building was purchased and placed on the site in February of 1979. Because of inclimate weather, the building was not ready for use until May 13, 1979, therefore the first services were held on the Easter Sunday in the home of Jim and Ann Cottingham. Eight members came from Regency Park Baptist Church, plus two temporary workers. There were three new members added to the church on that first Sunday. Without electricity or water, the mission group moved into an office building from General Motors on Mother’s Day, May 13, 1979. Electricity arrived by Father’s Day along with summer heat.

Bonds were sold to build the first permanent building. Ground was broken by the same plow used in this section of land in 1889. It was pulled by the missions committee and guided by Pastor Leon Wilson.

On June 23, 1981 the Southpark family moved into the first permanent building. The building was formally dedicated to God’s Glory on December 6, 1981 and dreams and prayers were answered when classes were moved into the partially completed building.

Over the years, Southpark has been known as a family church and a healing church. It has also been known as a mission oriented church with trips to the Philippines, Colorado and Wyoming, as well as sponsoring students and other members to go on mission trips to Africa, Romania, Russia, Armenia, China, and Australia. Our youth group has also participated in mission trips to Arlington and Memphis to aid ministries and churches there.

In 2014, Southpark invited Next Step Ministries to come and use Southpark as a home base for disaster relief and supporting local ministry efforts such as Cross & Crown and Serve Moore. This was in response to the devastating tornado on May 20, 2013 that hit Moore and destroyed two elementary schools as well as hundreds of homes and the Moore Hospital.

Our Mission & Vision

As with the Southern Baptist Convention, the vision of Southpark Baptist is to be fully committed to the proposition that Jesus Christ is the only hope for the world, and believing Southern Baptists are yearning for spiritual renewal and Christ-centered living, and recognizing the challenge of Jesus to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, we, the undersigned Southern Baptist denominational leaders, covenant with each other and every willing Southern Baptist, under God,

To make the kingdom of God the priority in our own personal lives.

To dedicate the energies and resources of the ministries we lead to seeking first the King and His kingdom.

To cooperate with each other and the family of Southern Baptists as we pursue kingdom principles and practices.

To give ourselves to servant leadership that will assist and enable local churches in their ministry.

To pray that a new passion for Jesus breaks out among our people, our families, and our churches from which God can forge a spiritual movement marked by holy living, sacrificial service, and global witness. 

To this end we affirm Empowering Kingdom Growth as a call for Southern Baptists to seek first the King and His kingdom.

Our Beliefs

We believe that Jesus Christ is the one and only son of the Living God.

We believe that salvation and eternal life come from God alone through acceptance of Jesus Christ.

We believe this acceptance is fulfilled in the belief that we are all sinners and have fallen short of God’s perfection. Believing in Jesus as God’s only Son sent here to Earth in the form of a man and that Jesus lived a perfect, sinless life and died on a cross.

We believe that Jesus was dead for three days before He rose from the grave, defeating death and providing a way to eternal life.

We believe in confessing to Jesus that you are a sinner and committing your life to Him.

We believe that the Bible is God’s Holy Word and it is the instruction book for a better life.
We believe in One God in three persons: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

We believe that you can not work your way into heaven by doing good deeds. Good deeds come from love for our fellow man in the name of Jesus Christ.

We are a Southern Baptist Church and adhere to the Baptist Faith and Message.

Our Team

Jason Warner

Pastor/Youth Pastor

Ryan Siebert

Minister of Music

Liz Melton

Administrative Assistant

Sharol Cottingham

Preschool Ministry Coordinator

Katie Lyons

Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Merry Taylor


Our Deacons

Carl Brown
David Cottingham
Wayne Lusk
Dan Melton
Russ Smalley
John Wright